• Xuzhou ETDZ Engineering Mechanical Industrial Park 徐州经济技术开发区工程机械产业园
  • The industrial economy is core DNA running throughout rapid development of Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, but the drastic reduction of the existing land stock for the industry construction is the biggest bottleneck restricting its development. The Engineering Mechanical Industrial Park project with land area of 13.9 square kilometers is the best space for the release of land in the development zone.
    The plan takes industry aggregation development as the core concept, “one Park and three areas” as the spatial structure, to build the project into the green eco-industrial demonstration park with the engineering machinery industry as a leading force, integrated with life supporting service area, waterfront commercial and residential area and waterfront high-end residential community. 
    “Production - life – ecology” is three related systems for project to develop, the case adopts three-dimensional development concept of dynamic development and the sustainable development to strive to explore the sustainable development solution for ecological harmony, pleasant living and industry vitality.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 1390ha
  • Master plan
  • 2012