• China Coal Group New City Jiayuan Residential Community 中煤集团新城嘉苑居住区
  • The site borders on Xiaohe Road in north, on the south side and west side is city planned road, on the east side is Hanbang Road, the space between parcels is divided into five lands by the city planned road and Zhangliang Road.
    The project implements “learn from nature, inherit history” - this idea as an important design principle throughout the plan process, combined with the surrounding roads and beautiful environment, it follows the example of Jiugong checkerboard capital layout, running throughout the green ways of five areas to integrate 
    entire living community as a whole. The feature of community is to emphasize integration between the residential environment and building, between unit and group and between space and entities. Focus on coordination of residential environment, building group and urban development style. It is diversified residential and human-oriented place to live. In the meantime, make the best use of circumstances to strive to enhance the environmental quality standards of the community while improving economic efficiency of land, and creating a pleasant environment with natural beauty in the urban space, forming tree-lined, easy and tranquil and comfortable living space.

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 54.0ha
  • 971000sqm
  • Concept & Construction Design
  • 2010