• Xuzhou Suining Star-river 睢宁星河湾
    The project is located within Suining County of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The site is close to Xincheng Road in north, to Tianhong Avenue in west, to small green belt and Xiaoyan River in east, in south is the built living community.
    The design creates a unique warm and natural urban living community based on appropriate and humane design philosophy, and creates a strong humanistic atmosphere in the architectural style and environment design, to meet the high-grade living needs.
    The unit building design adopts a minimalist neo-classical architectural style, absorbs the essence of advanced architectural style, to create unique temperament connotation of community itself by means of the elegant and grand architectural forms and landscape design with highly traditional charm and classical temperament. In addition to highlighting their own individuality, it is integrated into Suining modern, minimal, elegant, intimate and natural overall atmosphere in an elegant and humble attitude.


  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 7.6ha
  • 201700sqm
  • Concept Design
  • 2015