• Vanke Group Xuzhou Wutong Parcel A Project 万科梧桐A地块
  • The project parcel is located in south of Chengdong Avenue, east of Third Ring East Road, west of Bashan Road in Yunlong District of Xuzhou City, and its lower part connects Tongshan Road Station of Xuzhou City Rail Transit Line 1.
    The whole facade design of entire building puts emphasis on harmony with the surrounding environment and landscape style, and conducts research and analysis of street-front facade and the skyline. The facade uses personalized architectural design style, highlighting the modern and elegant features, fully using the functional components of building itself to intersperse and combine, such as window sill, shutters, curtain walls, roof trusses, etc., emphasizing the details treatment, while maintaining the minimal and lively modernism, and avoiding monotony and indifference. Additionally, it uses contrast and rhythm principles to try to create novel, unique modern urban complex image. The multi-level commercial emphasizes horizontal lines, strong contrast between horizontal and vertical lines for the whole parcel to create the proper facade image.
    The facade design of office building and LOFT towers puts emphasis on the use of vertical lines, highlighting the
    vertical upright high-rise image. The facade along Chengdong Avenue uses unified facade language, and separated with stained glass and aluminum sheet at intervals, giving vibrant colors, changing the entire commercial street in unity so as to achieve rich facade effect.

  • Xuzhou Jiangsu Pro
  • 1.0ha
  • 81200sqm
  • Construction Design
  • 2015